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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big Paper Sale at Michaels in Burlington NC

I just rec'd a note from a friend and here's what she said:

I just wanted to let you know that my Michaels store in Burlington has just put a ton of paper on sale for 14 cents a sheet. Many are embossed and or double sided. I promise I don't get a commission but I do want to let you and "the group" know that this won't last long, it's while supplies last.... Also a bunch of stickers and embelishments have also been clearenced out. We are doing our yearly reset and this is the clearing out to make way for the new stuff......

If you are able then you definitely need to make a run to the Michaels store in Burlington... 14 cents a sheet... WOWWWWWW  

It's definitely worth the ride!

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