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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

FatMax is ready to go scrappin'

Hello my scrappin' buddies..... just wanted you all to know that my darling husband bought me a Stanley FatMax tool box.... I know you may think that's odd but it's absolutely the most fabulous scrappin' organizer that you could ever imagine.  I was introduced to FatMax by Denise Black who is the Close To My Heart demonstrator at our crops & retreats.  I was totally green with envy over this extraordinary contraption.  Just check it out!


See what I mean!  This box... rolling cart.... organizer (whatever you want to call it) is WONDERFUL!!!!  It's absolutely SCRAPTABULOUS!!!

And, guess what?  My scrappin' partner in crime, Summer convinced her darling husband that she needed one too. LOL... and then just 2 days later, my mom calls and said she got a FatMax from her darling husband too...... WOW!!!!    (I probably should've bought stock in Stanley Corporation).  So anyway.... Me, my FatMax, Summer and her FatMax are off to the NC mountains this weekend to meet up with Denise and her FatMax along with some other wonderful ladies to do some scrappin' & yappin'!

I'll let you all know how all 3 of the FatMax's (whew) were able to get along!

See ya later!


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  1. I am your newest follower. I am interested in crops and local weekend retreats.
    My blog addy is:
    Stop by and look around. Looking forward to learning more about NC scrapbookcropsandretreats

  2. Hello Wende and welcome to my blog. I am just learning about blogs but am having lots of fun with it. I checked out your blog and it's absolutely fabulous! I love that you put coupons on there and the colorful background makes me smile!

    To my other followers "friends"... don't miss this opportunity to see a great blog... check it out here....

  3. OMG!!! I SO want one of those! I do believe I will need to buy one this coming Friday as a birthday gift to MYSELF :)

  4. How do you lift/carry this into your retreat space? I bought one and there it sits because ITS. SO. HEAVY!!!!